Public service Committee

The purpose of this committee is to monitor the services provided by government, corporate and volunteer agencies. This committee becomes aware of the public services available in the community that are provided by government, corporate, and volunteer agencies and work toward establishing additional services through volunteering

Public Service Community Involvement:

  • Golden Paws Gala
  • Gloucester Mathews Care Clinic Casino
  • Shop With A Cop
  • Guest House Services
  • Gloucester Election Officers
  • Public Food Bank Services
  • Star Program – Rudy Bear
  • Animal Control Human Society
  • Sanders Nursing Home Bingo
  • Free Little Library
  • Gloucester Sheriff’s Department
  • Paint Project Bena Fire Station


Thanks to Barry Foskit, who is on the Public Service Committee, for coordinating the ARC members to paint an upstairs hallway at the Bena #2 Fire Station. Painters were Mike Ekdahl, Ann Dugas, Roger Dick and Lynn Onesty. Bunny Ekdahl was the lunch runner.

Bena Fire Station paint job 3-22-21
Mike, Ann, Lynn & Roger
Bena Fire Station paint job 3-22-21
Bena Fire Station paint job 3-22-21


Thank you sweets were delivered to the Gloucester Sheriff’s office, 911 call center, Abingdon Fire and Rescue Department.

Regina Scott, Committee Chair said, “Our first responders were extremely appreciative of the overwhelming support of our Abingdon Ruritan Club members on our latest moral boosting event delivering home baked goodies for Valentine’s Day.”

Right: Regina Scott and Gloucester County Deputies.

Bottom: Regina Scott and Virginia Glass


Community Involvement

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FREE LITTLE LIBRARIES was a project Abingdon Ruritan Club built for Sulva Dow with Gloucester Community Engagement and Public Information. Little Free Library is a free book-sharing box where anyone may take a book or share a book. They function on the honor system. The Ruritan volunteers built and painted three for local elementary schools.

Ruritans back row: Dave Onesty, Bill Jordan, Allen Scales, David Kyle, Mike Ekhald. Front Sulva Dow and Betsy Tuttle


Helping the Boys and Girls Club

The Abingdon Ruritan Club painted the outside north wall of the Boys & Girls Club. This community project was organized and coordinated by Bunny Ekdahl, the club’s Public Services Committee Chair. The project involved scrapping off old paint, pressure washing and the actual painting. Club members participating in this project by determining what needed to be done, obtaining the paint and community support, preparing the wall by pressure washing, scraping and painting were, Bunny and Mike Ekdahl, Sid and Ann Dugas, Frank and Selena Colins, Glen Aycock, Mike Davis, Rick Taylor, Allen Scales, Doug Johnson, Tony Dziadul, Roy Snowden, Jimmy Leiffer and Roger Dick.

Thank You 1st Responders

30 dozen donuts to walter reed
Nurses, doctors, and other employees helped distribute the goodies.

During the Covid-19 pandemic the Abingdon Ruritan delivered 30 dozen donuts to Walter Reed Hospital at 5AM so that both shifts of all employees could enjoy the sweet Thank You for Your Service from ARC.


Community Engagement Parenting Classes

Community Engagement and Gloucester County Public Schools sponsored Parenting Workshops at Boutetot Elementary School. Babysetting was supplied by high school seniors. The ARC Public Service Committee delivered pizzas and bottled water. Our committee worked with Valerie Lewis the Community Engagement Coordinator of Bethel Elementary. Showing: Ann Yoder, Betsy Tuttle, Valerie Lewis and instructors; Elizabeth Gentry and Amy Hoerger

Public service 2019 Community Ed, Parent class

It was a huge success. There were four different classes throughout the school year on planned subjects.


New Dedicated Bench for Woodville Park

Pictured: Darwin, Scott, Sherry and Tracy Lanciano family. (Parents of the Lanciano Family donated the 100 acres of land that is now the Woodville park.) Also pictured are Carol Steele, Rick & Rose Taylor, Don Sandridge, Sarah Fary, Becky Slattery, Adam Taylor, David & Dottie Dea, Ann & Sid Dugas, Bunny & Mike Ekdahl, and Jesse Seeley.

The Abingdon Ruritan Club presented a bench to Woodville Park. The bench was a project of the Public Service Committee by chair, Bunny Ekdahl. Funds were raised by the sale of Clam Chowder by the Abingdon Ruritan Club and funds from the club’s Charitable Account.


Rudy Bear

Ruritan clubs have been donating stuffed “Rudy Bears” to first responders for over 30 years, to help them comfort traumatized children. These cuddly teddy bears are used as a tremendous comfort aide for small children that may be present or involved in an accident or emergency situation. The Public Service Committee donates Rudy Bears to our Gloucester Rescue and Fire Departments regularly.

trunk or treat 2

Our very own Rudy Bear. Mr Jimmy Hogge. He is not only the ARC’s mascot, but Rudy Bear is in the hearts of all the Gloucester Parks & Recreation STAR children.

The Abingdon Ruritan Club  received a plaque from the Gloucester County Parks and Recreation’s STAR program. (STAR stands for Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Attitude and Respect.)  The plaque was presented in recognition of the monetary support and the many volunteer hours provided over the years. It was the first ever such award given by the STAR program.  STAR is a recreationally based program for children with special needs.