Welcome to the Abingdon Ruritan Club Seafood Fesitval

Seafood Festival

Note: Spring Seafood Festival Tickets go on sale on March 3, 2018.

Our Seafood Festivals are held twice yearly and are located on our Festival Grounds behind our club building at 8784 Guinea Road, Bena, Virginia.   We ask that you leave all pop-ups/portable canopies/awnings/tents, etc., at home, because they will not be allowed in.

  • 3rd Wednesday of each May
  • 3rd Wednesday of each October 
  •  All ticket sales are in advance and include all the seafood you can eat and all beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
  • Tickets are $50.00 each. (Regardless of age.)
  • During the period of time when ticket sales are ongoing, tickets may be purchased three ways:  by mail, in person at several local businesses,  or online within this site (a button link to PayPal will appear below when tickets become available). If you purchase online there is an additional $2.00 cost per ticket.
  • To purchase tickets by mail, send a request to:  Attn: Seafood Festival,  Abingdon Ruritan Club, P.O. Box 22, Bena, Va. 23018. Enclose a check made payable to “Abingdon Ruritan Club”   in the amount of $50  for each ticket you wish to purchase  and also include a self-addressed, stamped, legal size (#10) envelope. Do not send money until ticket sale dates are active.  Do not send money after ticket sales end. 
  • Tickets are usually available for purchase  in person at these businesses: Tillage Automotive, Gloucester
    Whitley Peanuts, Gloucester and Williamsburg
    Hogge Real Estate, Gloucester Courthouse
    Juans Mexican Café, Hayes
    P&C Wholesale, Peninsula and Southside Hampton Roads, call (Charlie Dail, 757-342-3838
    Lyn’s Mini Mart in Bena
  •  To purchase tickets online when tickets are available, a button will appear below to enable purchasing online.  

(Tickets are not on sale at this time.)

Important Facts About Our Seafood Festivals

  • The address of the main entrance to our club building is 8784 Guinea Road, but on the day of the festival you cannot enter there to access the festival grounds!  You will need to drive a few short yards ahead to the intersection of Guinea Road and Mark Pine Road (the next right turn). Immediately on your right as you are turning onto Mark Pine Road, you will see the paved apron in front of Abingdon Fire and Rescue Station No. 2, and a few inches beyond their paved apron is a gravel road which is our entrance you need to take to proceed to the parking area adjacent to our festival grounds.
  • Parking is free.
  • The Festival Gate opens at 2:00 pm, but NO food or beverages will be served until 3:00 pm, after the playing of our national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner. (Ruritans love citizenship and patriotism!)
  • The Festival goes on, rain or shine.  Ticket sales are final.
  • You are welcome to enjoy all the food and beverages that you would like, including:   Oysters– fried, steamed and on half-shell; steamed clams, clam fritters and clam chowder; fried scallops; fried fish; steamed shrimp; steamed crabs; hush-puppies; BBQ with cole- slaw; French fries; cake; ice cream; and cheese with the wine; soft drinks, water, coffee, beer, wine, and mixed drinks (no shots).
  • We welcome you to enjoy the live music of a popular local band and also for you to take advantage of  our grassy dance area in front of the bandstand. (The Soul Intent Band will perform at the Spring 2018 Festival.)
  • Covered seating areas are available, and you may bring in lawn chairs and small folding tables (but no pop-up tents/canopies).

What we do not permit at our Seafood Festivals:

  • Coolers (They will not be allowed through the gate.)
  • Pets (They will not be allowed through the gate.)
  • Firearms (concealed or open carry)
  • Political Campaigning (Never–not even in an election year!)
  • Anyone without a ticket. (Remember, none are sold at the gate.)
  • Any food or beverage to be taken outside the festival grounds.
  • Pop-Up Tents/Canopies



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